Our company has been involved in the manufacture of a wide range of fibreglass sanitary ware and sanitation equipment from our factory in Graniteside.   We also provide specialist waste disposal and portable sanitation services.  Sanitation Services is the technological leader in the field of portable sanitation with the largest toilet hire fleet in Zimbabwe.   Furthermore, it is a major player in the ladies sanitary towel disposal services field and provides this service in both Harare and Bulawayo.  


At Your Service

In emergency situations, where there is a need for the rapid installation of toilet facilities we manufacture reinforced toilet bases with a squat hole called the Sani Plate. We are the sole manufacturers of this product and a patent is pending. Sanitation Services also manufactures the Sani toilet pan for use in the Blair Pit Latrine that is prevalent in the rural areas. The company has a patent for this product.

Service Offering

We manufacture ladies sanitary towel disposal bins for use in ladies toilets. Or team of cleaners carry out the disposal of the sanitary waste and offer appropriate incineration services. The ladies fibre glass sanitary towel disposal bins come with either a hand chute or foot pedal. This service is provided on a hire basis.


Our company also hires out portable chemical toilet units for use by any gathering of people where there are no proper sanitary facilities, water or sewer connections. The following are the basic features of our toilet unit: fibre glass (cabana shelter), wash hand basin with a water tank, seat and lid, tissue roll holder, lockable door, mirror, lamp (bulb) holder and removable tank for waste collection.


We are distributors of toilet sanitizers which are bio – degradable for use in our Portable Chemical Toilet units and Pit Latrines. These sanitizers can also be utilized in the cleaning and deodorizing of ablution facilities.