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Portable Chemical Toilets

Sanitation Services manufacture the basic “Regular” toilet units which are widely used at construction sites. For special events we have a range of imported and our own locally manufactured spacious toilet units. The “Sani Executive” and “Sani Leisure” range of toilets have a flush mechanism, toilet roll holder, mirror, hand wash basin and liquid soap dispenser. Light fittings and cleaning services during the function are available through prior arrangement. Our toilet units can also be connected to sewerage mains if required, in instances of long term hire.

Reinforced Fibreglass Squat Plate

Our company manufactures the “Sani Plate” for use in areas where rapid installation of pit latrines are required e.g displaced people, refugees. This method of waste disposal is highly recommended in areas where there are no sewer systems. The Ventilated Improved Pit latrine goes a step further through the construction of a shelter or cabana around the “Sani Plate”. A vent pipe is inserted into the plate in order to carry away odours and flies thus making the toilet unit user friendly and odour free.

Sanitary Towel Disposal Bin

We also have a range of imported and locally manufactured sanitary towel disposal bins for hire. This service currently caters for Harare and Bulawayo although plans to expand to other areas are in the pipe line. Our “Sani Bins” are compact, durable and fit into cubicles to ensure maximum hygiene and privacy. The bins are fitted with a bin liner and smaller pockets which are removed for incineration at intervals agreed upon. The “Sani Bins” are available in colours of your choice.

Septic Tank Cleaning

Our company is also experienced in the servicing of septic tanks as well as intensive deep cleaning of customer owned urinals and toilet bowls.

Chemicals Used In Sanitation

In order to keep the toilet units clean and deodorised we have amongst our products the “Sani Blue” toilet deodoriser and chloride of lime.

Our Products

Mens Urinal

Double Super Leisure On Wheels VVIP- Men’s & Ladies Toilets

Double Super Leisure On Wheels VVIP- Men’s Toilets

Double Super Leisure On Wheels VVIP- Ladies Toilets

Communal Hand Washing Basin

Half Door Guard Shelter

Lockable Toilet Roll Holder

Executive Portable Chemical Toilet

Sanitary Disposal Bins

Sani Leisure VIP Portable Toilet

One Seater Underground Mine Loo

Ventilated Improved Pit Latrine

Water Connectable Unit Front

Foot Flush Portable Toilet

Men’s Portable Urinals


Blair Toilet Pans (White)

Blair Toilet Pans (Black)